Only Belief in the One God

Only belief in the One God
And the indivisible Soul
Can enable us now to preserve
Our common humanity
And defend ourselves
From techno megalomaniacs,
Who’d turn us into automatons,
And from anti-democratic leaders
Whose full-faked, newspeak News tweets
And gilded, facebooked selfies
Gull dyslexic, narcissistic souls
Charmed by a graven image
And thrill autistic-seeming nationalists.

In short,
Through the adhesive web
Of the Internet,
The addictive babel of cyberspace –
Pandemonium –
And seductive lure of virtual reality,
These modern autocrats
Like Orwell’s “Big Brother”
Have found the perfect way
To prevent our chaotic,
Fallen minds
From achieving unity,
And individuation;
That is, to divide and rule us
For ever.

14 August 2018