For Tal

While I, a poet, am akin to air,
Natasha to fire and Moonchild to the waters,
You who are Tal, or Dew, by nature share
Ethereal elements with me and those daughters.
In fact, to share with others is an art
You have perfected to a high degree:
“Hiawatha Junior” and “Little Grape” depart
Replete and lucent from your company –
For, like some elf in fairy story dear,
When you caress her tum or stroke his head,
An orient pearl he feels upon his ear,
With honey-dew she thinks she has been fed.
Thus, though you spring from deep and airy skies,
The earth is where your heaven surely lies.
Michael Peach
15 August 2004

Tal: Hebrew for Dew


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