O hear the voice of conscience linked to God,
And let the inner figures play their part:
In time you’ll find the path you’ve bravely trod
Will lead you to the matrix of your heart.
You’ve known Mark Antony and Romeo,
Green-eyed Othello and hen-pecked Macbeth;
You’re due, I hope, to meet with Prospero,
Who’ll show you how to greet with grace your death.
But till the day you are released from bands
You’ll spend, I’m sure, your twilight evenings dancing;
And helped by many good and willing hands,
You’ll, as Sir Mick but not Jack Flash, keep prancing.
I’m pleased to greet you; glad I can you tell
That like old Shakespeare you could prosper well.
Sympathy for Sir MicK
by Michael Peach




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